Who We Are

Pat Kelly and Associates understands the passion and purpose of advocacy on a personal level, and we keep the needs of vulnerable people at the center of all our work.

We’ve won praise and awards, along with hearts and minds because we believe in our clients and the causes that matter to them, and we create campaigns that work.

Pat Kelly

I was a young mom working in immunology research at McMaster University in Hamilton when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Together with another survivor, we started Canada’s first grassroots breast cancer group and along with Dr. Mark Levine, wrote and published the first of a series of 6 books “What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer.” I began working as an advocate with Sharon Batt in Montreal and US advocates in Washington DC to mobilize, raise awareness, and influence research funding priorities and public policies. I bring the experiences of a passionate advocate, a medical researcher, and a Masters of Arts (MA) in Adult Leadership and Learning to develop campaigns, causes, projects, conferences and events for clients. I have organized at legislatures, on university campuses, in corporate board rooms, church basements, community centers and raised millions from corporate sector partners.  I publish books and articles, have testified before government decision-makers, been interviewed on the front pages of leading newspapers and national news ­and I help others do the same.

I know how to help build movements that raise awareness and resources, change behaviours and change the game.

The Way We Work for You

Pat Kelly works with a team of Associates to understand and assess what your organization needs to solve the problems that matter to you. We believe in a lean approach to budgeting for our clients and with that in mind, we’ll work with you one on one, or as a dedicated project team, to create a measureable strategic plan and a no-surprises budget, that delivers the results you expect.

The Associates of PKA

Depending on what your organization needs, we’ll put together the right team of Associates and deliver the results you expect.

Act 3 – Storytellers

Act 3, based in St. Louis, Missouri is a strategic and applied storytelling firm. Act 3 applies the principles and tools of great storytelling to help organizations solve their most challenging problems.

Engaging Networks

Engaging Networks has developed sophisticated and reliable Internet software to help nonprofits with their online advocacy, fundraising, email, community growth, and data management. Engaging Networks platform is used to support millions of online transactions every year by many of the world¹s best-known charities.