Dr. Robert A. Phillips

Executive Director, National Cancer Institute of Canada, 1996-2001
President and CEO, Ontario Cancer Research Network, 2002-2006
Deputy Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, 2006-2009
Professor Emeritus, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

“I do not think that we would have a cancer control strategy today without the advocacy efforts of Pat and her colleagues.  In short, Pat makes things happen.”
Denis Morrice

Executive Director
Ontario Rheumatology Association
Operations Committee, Best Medicines Coalition

If there is anyone that can move the healthcare agenda forward for your organization it is Pat Kelly. It was her leadership … of the Best Medicines Coalition that led to changes in Canada’s drug approval system.”
The Honourable Monique Bégin

Former federal Minister of Health
University of Ottawa/Ontario Women’s Health Council Ottawa (ON)
October 4, 2001

“The event that brought the paucity of research in women’s health to the forefront of public opinion is rooted in the lobbying by breast cancer survivors … Pat Kelly and Sharon Batt. They were powerful voices and natural leaders.”
Carol Loughrey
Officer of the Order of Canada,
First woman comptroller of a provincial government (New Brunswick) and the first woman chair of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Without Pat Kelly it is doubtful if Canada would have a national Cancer Strategy. Her passion for her work lights the flame in others.”
June Callwood

Canadian journalist, author and social activist
National Cancer Leadership Forum
Aylmer, Quebec, February 25, 2006

“I have been a friend of Pat Kelly’s for a couple of decades or so, and, accordingly I have been standing on the sidelines cheering for the very long time it has taken to implement the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control. It took something extraordinary to get this far.”
Mary Lynch MD
Pain Medicine, Dalhousie University
Past President, Canadian Pain Society
Pat Kelly and Associates have been a critical catalyst in assisting our campaign for a national pain strategy. For a decade we have been trying to no avail. Enter Pat Kelly and Associates who have demonstrated an ability to efficiently translate key information into an effective … social marketing campaign.  People answer her phone calls.”
Stephen Lewis

Concordia University
Montreal, 2011

Pat has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and speaks with lucidly and authority. “
Sandy Smeenk

Founder, Executive Director
ILC Foundation

Michael Cloutier

President & General Manager – InterMune Canada
Past President – Canadian Diabetes Association
Past President – AstraZeneca Canada

“Pat Kelly has the vision, expertise and leadership required to successfully bring a campaign together.”
“Few others can even compare to Pat in terms of tenacity, commitment and simply getting the job done. Add to that a sparkling personality and true zest for life and you have a professional that you can count on EVERY time.”