We believe success is within reach for each of our clients.

Or we’ll tell you why not. Free.

We believe that our clients can succeed in achieving significant  change when they undertake an informed approach to problem-solving.

We craft our approach to working for you using a range of proven services described below.

   Stakeholder Engagement 

We help you find your tribe

Stakeholder engagement is much more than having a list of contacts you turn to for help about the things that matter to you. Stakeholders are all the people and organizations who can make a difference – positive or negative – in achieving your long-term mission. What are you doing to find the people and groups who matter to you?  How do you get engaged in the conversations with the people who are the influencers and opinion leaders and have the ability to influence your issues?

When we worked with cancer advocates to mobilize support for a national cancer strategy, we developed a series of leadership training workshops for nurses, patients, radiation therapists and doctors. They recruited patients and families, who were ready, willing and able to campaign, once they had the skills, confidence and tools. When technology and social networking platforms evolved, we easily made the transition to on-line engagement and communications and training, because people knew and trusted us.

PKA can help you create incentives – information, capacity building, events, referrals – that people feel good about sharing and increase your organization’s social capitol – trust.

logo_smaller  Campaign Development

We help you sell your issue

How you present your campaign issue has everything to do with how well it will “sell” in the crowded marketplace of healthcare organizations and ideas.

When a coalition wanted to persuade government that reforming drug review systems would bring about improved access to proven therapies, and reduce the operating costs of the regulatory agency, they chose Best Medicines as a name and a way to frame the conversation about medicine and not about blaming slow bureaucracy.

Because building an advocacy movement is not simply waging a campaign that is focused on persuading elected officials to do something. Chances are those officials will be more inclined to act if they hear from the general public.

PKA can help you create the right message to easily communicate your issue to a broad audience and draw people in to the conversation.

logo_smaller   Storytelling

We help you inspire conversations and keep them going

The right story has great potential to change beliefs and make information easier to remember. The allure of stories is the impact they have —by tapping emotions, influencing beliefs, modeling new behaviors and even shaping cultural identities.

People living with chronic pain often suffer stigma and shame. A disabled woman told the story of being comforted by a homeless man after falling from her car.  The fleeting moment of understanding prompted her to create a support group —a place where she, and others like her, could cast aside their stoic fronts, and freely discuss their day-to-day issues.  Eventually sponsorship support came from both the American Chronic Pain Association and the Arthritis Foundation.  

PKA can help you uncover and develop a story line that can be used across all communications – advertisements, videos, and campaign messages – to build a cohesive and compelling impact.

logo_smaller   Community & Coalition Building

We help you become an irresistible force

What happens a lot in health advocacy campaigns is that organizations tend to recruit advocates who focus only on one issue or other non profits that are just like their own as their only allies. Campaigns that engage people and organizations from many sectors – the business community, public sector, and other non-profit subsectors – seniors, immigration, poverty, student or environmental organizations working – can make a bigger impact than single-issue efforts.

PKA can help you identify and align with the right allies for your issue and gain a broader base of support by putting together a cross-sector community coalition.

logo_smaller   On-line Communities & Communication

We help make technology easier for you.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to drive a car. The same goes for using sophisticated computer IT platforms and programs to make your organization manage on-line communities and communications. Internet software can help with online advocacy, fundraising, email, community growth, and data management.

PKA can connect you with the experts and implement cost-effective technologies that create a high level of engagement with existing and potential advocates, generating online conversations, leading to further viral spread of your campaign efforts.

logo_smaller   Fundraising & Project Management

We Help You Find, Manage and Measure Resources & Impacts

Its not enough to have a good plan – you need skilled management and leadership to make your plan successful – and help your people feel proud of their work. We can work with your team to raise funding, build IT infrastructure, recruit leaders, finalize projects, develop work plans, manage events, communicate with stakeholders, adhere to timelines, measure impact and ensure your campaign stays on message, on time and on budget.

When your organization needs to scale up funding and operations to manage campaigns, PKA offers complete project management support for the implementation of campaigns approved by your leadership team and advisory group.